Monday, May 11, 2020

Something Good: My safe haven and my "Earth Angel" friend, Becky

About 3 months ago, I headed out from my home in Colorado to continue my "Snowbird Experiments" which included spending March and April in Sarasota, Florida.  Admittedly, this was an escape.. not just from the Colorado cold, but from some family problems I was having at home.

Never had I imagined that I'd be "hunkered down" with my new friend, Becky, during a "lockdown."  We'd just met last summer and I wouldn't really want anyone to feel stuck with me as a 24x7 visitor! And, let's face it, I'm very independent, so there aren't too many people who I can think of who I'd want to be sequestered with! But Becky turned out to be my own personal "Earth Angel" (Read on...)

Becky's townhouse became my new cozy home and Becky, her little dog, Jack, and gender-confused parrot, PacoPita, became my new little family. Becky's "zoom friends" became my "zoom friends" and mine became hers as we hosted virtual dance parties, birthday parties, and get togethers.

Becky and I have a lot in common..  an interest in language, communication, writing, and coaching. I was thrilled when Becky agreed to be my "guinea pig" for my "Agile in Every Day Life Experiments." 

Our 8 weeks of coaching one another on the goals we set each week worked out better than I could have imagined.  We each made great progress on our respective personal projects, learning, reflecting, and adapting over time.

But probably most helpful for me were the long walks we had, often around sunset. Becky is an awesome listener and a wise yogi.  She'd listen as I'd ramble on about my day, challenging me or commending me for my coaching of her. We both learned and grew as coaches and friends. 

During my time in Florida, I also met a new "virtual male friend," Gregg, who agreed to help me with the drive back to Colorado.  Yeah.. that's right, I'll be driving home with someone I never met face-to-face, and yeah, I've had a lot of anxiety about that, and yeah, Becky and I (and Gregg and I) have had way too many "therapy" sessions about this. But, in my overly-cautious way, I have gotten to know Gregg well enough that I trust him and feel grateful to him for helping me get back home.

I know this is one of those 'woo-woo' things to say, but I think that God sends me the right people at the right time of my life.  I read this book once called "Earth Angels" and I don't really remember what the book said... and I'm not talking about "literal angels"..  But I do thank God for putting certain people in my life at just the right time. In this case, I can't think of anyone else who could have helped to give me understanding without judgment, bring me joy, and help me grow during this confusing time of life.  

Being in the midst of beautiful surroundings, sunny days and breezy nights, sweet puppy dog snuggles, and a wise and loving friend - oh! And let's not forget a place where virtual parties are all the rage --  It's as though I've been living in my personal nerdy version of heaven. Is it any wonder why I think of Becky as an Earth Angel?

But while I've been thriving in this beautiful, secluded bubble, I know so many people are struggling, worrying about their businesses and their health or their families. So many people are mad..  mad at the government, mad at having to wear a mask, mad at people who don't wear masks, mad at people who don't stay home, mad at people who are mad at people (ok... I sort of fit into that last category.)

As I prepare to head out of this safe little haven, I'll try and not let the anger and judgment in the world get to me, but instead, embrace the wonderful acts of kindness I see. I'll keep my inspirational angel in my thoughts as I navigate the road back home and who knows, maybe Gregg will be my next Earth Angel.


Anonymous said...

Michael said...

I was really looking forward to eating more details about this part...

Our 8 weeks of coaching one another on the goals we set each week worked out better than I could have imagined. We each made great progress on our respective personal projects, learning, reflecting, and adapting over time.

.....especially since it worked out so well!

My Carpe Diem Life said...

Michael, it was too much for me to put in a single blog post, but I do hope to create an eBook or something out of it!

maryrebeccaburns said...

I am so happy to have our special time together commemorated in this fabulous blog and slide show. We have a lot to live up to as Carpe Diem Buddies Forever! So grateful for all the good news. Hugs, Yvette!