Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Fall Girlfriend Getaway

The last few days I've been enjoying a girlfriend getaway up at my friend, Jill's, beautiful home in the Red Feather Lakes area, a couple of hours northwest of my house.  What a treat!  Cathy and I drove up together and spent luxurious days, hiking, eating, drinking, talking, and enjoying each other's company!  I feel so grateful for my generous and loving friends!

Wrap around porches and lovely views

Jill and Cathy in this spacious sunshiny retreat

Getting my 10,000 steps in new beautiful surroundings!

Every meal was a feast with friends

Short hike around scenic Dowdy Lake

Cathy (my mentor!) and I (the newbie) giving Jill a little ukulele concert 

Tarot Readings!

Cow Crossing

Gnomes were plentiful on Elf Lane

Even a flamingo among this pink gnome section

The gnome villages went on and on with wooded beauty in the background


Michele Hebrank said...

Well that looks beautiful and like you had a lot of fun with your girlfriends. I’m quite envious!!

Yvette Francino said...

Yes, I'm very fortunate and blessed with friends and family.. (especially mi hermana hermosa!)