Saturday, August 03, 2019

Week 31: Dressy Theater Nights!

A couple of weeks ago, I cheated a bit with my blogging, by putting four pictures of four goals (from my 60 until 60 list) into one blog post.

I wanted to write a dedicated blog post for

Goal #39: Dress up and go to a musical at a theater

I had so much fun with this goal, I did it twice in July!

Earlier in July, I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Buell Theater with my friend, Sue, along with indulging in a multi-course Prix Fixe meal beforehand at Rioja.

Then, this week, I went to Beauty and the Beast at the Boulder Dinner Theater with my granddaughter, Reneya.

Both times I wore a pretty dress that I rarely get to wear because I just don't have that many opportunities any more to dress up. Being on the 'use it or lose it' wardrobe plan, I've wanted to find occasions to get my glitz on.  I also wanted a chance to don some of my sparkly jewelry, usually just hidden away in a lonely and dark jewelry box.

The dresses I wore on these two glamour nights were both purchased years ago at thrift stores. Thrift stores were one of the many 'treasures' I discovered during the years I was very stressed about money (post-divorce and post-layoff).  I avoided high-priced restaurants and just about every other 'luxury' during those years, realizing that I usually preferred preparing dinners myself or DIY cheaper alternatives to luxury entertainment anyway.

But on these recent dressy theater nights, I lived the high life, splurging on foodie-quality food and close-up theater seats. After years of being so frugal, worrying about whether or not I'd have enough money for retirement, it's been a little hard to switch gears and spend on something fun and frivolous. But, hey, since I'm all about getting out of my comfort zone, I'm forcing myself to spend more money, especially if it involves a memorable experience with someone I love.

I used to associate a fancy theater date as something I'd do with...  well, a "date." But, the truth is, many guys hate dressing up or are not crazy about the same kind of (usually chick-flicky) kinds of plays I like. It's just as fun to have a 'gal pal' or 'Granddaughter' date as a 'romantic' date! The fun of it is being with someone else who is enjoying it, too!

I also think part of the fun is that I rarely do this any more so it's a special treat. I probably will always be frugal..  No matter how much money I have, I actually enjoy finding creative ways to do things with less money and hate feeling like I'm overspending or being wasteful.  Living a lifestyle of the rich and famous is not for me.  But an occasional splurge with someone I love is a sweet delight!

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