Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Week 58: My 60-Song Playlist

My 60-song playlist is just about ready to take on the road! This has been a goal I've been working on throughout my 60-until-60 project :

Put together a playlist of at least 60 songs by gathering songs from friends

Throughout my project, as I've actively celebrated with friends and family, I've asked them each to pick out a song for my playlist.

I told them the song would serve 3 purposes:

  1. I'd use a clip of it as background music for a slideshow of our celebratory outing
  2. I'd add it to a playlist that I'd play on road-trips, at my party, or whenever I wanted to reminisce about this awesome 60-week project
  3. I would think of them whenever I heard the song
The hardest part of creating the playlist was getting 60 people to pick out songs! Creating a corresponding .mp3 file turned out to be easy, thanks to this handy dandy free YouTube to .mp3 converter app. Then, I simply dragged into iTunes for my Playlist.

This is one of those goals that worked out much better than anticipated! Since I've been collecting these songs, I hear special songs all the time! Usually, I hear them on the radio when I'm driving, so I can't always text, but there have been times...  when I'm at a summer concert.. when I'm out at a pool or a beach.. or even out shopping..  when I've been able to record a clip and text a friend letting them know "our song was playing."  Here's the clip I took when "Desperado" was playing that will always remind me of BFF, Lisa, and the Don Henley concert we went to together at the Minnesota State Fair.

As I was compiling my songs this week and needed one more song to make it to 60, I remembered this version of Hallelujah, that I'd written for my Dad's memorial service.  This recording even has my friend, Brian, singing.

There are some other special songs on my list..  songs that I'll never hear on the radio because they were created by one of my musically talented friends.  My son, Matt's, song is a remix of two pieces that he combined.  Even though I'll never randomly hear these songs on the radio, I hope to play my 60-song playlist at least once a year. 

Listening to music is one of those things we all can do, no matter how old or sick we are.  Not to be morbid, but it does give me comfort to think that one day, I can be listening to my playlist on my deathbed!

I can see it now..  I'm in the hospital, my kids gathered 'round:
    Kids: "Go to the light, Mom!"
    Me: "Not until I listen to that play list one more time!"
    Kids: "Not AGAIN! That's almost 4 hours, Mom! Did anyone bring Mom's playlist? Mom, do you still even KNOW these people? Can we fast forward through this dorky one?"

Actually, I'll undoubtedly have more playlists with more "special songs."  I think I may make one of these playlists every year! So, be prepared, kids. I'm not going to the light without listening to my songs!

Speaking of playlists and special songs, I want to give a shout-out to my niece, Rebecca, and her Instagram page (vodkanvinyl).  She posts song of the day prompts every day and much more for the music-lover!

This goal really helped me have more of an appreciation for music and the varied tastes of the people in my life. I love that almost every genre of music is represented, from country to rap to classical. I discovered some new songs that I love and some new songs that, while not quite my taste, have expanded my knowledge.

More than anything, I love that I can conjure up special memories of special people with these songs. I'm leaving for a long road trip (Colorado to Florida) next Monday, so the 60-song-list will gets its first run-through from beginning to end!


Jeri said...

Excited to hear it’s coming together and nearly done! You’ll have such an appreciation for the memories it brings each time you listen to it. Fabulous idea but I can see where it would be difficult to get so many participants. Good job! 👏

Jack said...

Well now I am worried. I hope I can make the Top 40.

Yvette Francino said...

Jackster, it doesn't matter what number you are on the list, because I'll just shuffle the songs! ;-)

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see the videos you made with other people’s songs...how can I save my video to my computer? You really did a nice job....