Monday, January 10, 2011

26,667 people want to "Fall in Love" on 43 Things: #love2011

Our theme this week for "The Love Project" is goal-setting and one very popular Website that helps with goal setting is 43 Things.

This site is interesting because it helps you find other people who share your goals and then you can boost each other up, share your ideas about how you're accomplishing your goals, hold each other accountable, or simply lurk in the background, roaming around the site checking out what the 3million+ site members are talking about.

43 Things has added a new feature for New Year's Resolutions where you can plug in your resolutions and optionally get emailed a reminder (your choice of monthly, every 3 months, or next year.) You can share your list via email, on Facebook, and, as I mentioned above, find groups of people who share your goal.

Something you might find interesting: As of now, "Falling in Love" is the 7th most popular 2011 New Year's Resolution. There are a total of 26,667 people who have said they want to do it with 818 people having it as a New Year's Resolution.

I'm currently perusing the page enjoying reading the entries which vary from a simple smiley face to long paragraphs to bulletized lists. On the right there are some stats including one that says "On average this year takes 9 years to complete." Nine years?! I can help people do it in only one year! I'm seeing an awesome marketing opportunity to plug The Love Project, not to mention my book!

See ya later... I've got to go get 26,667 subscribers to this project and sell 26,667 copies of The Laptop Dancer Diaries: A Mostly True Story About Finding Love Again... (I've already got love... This year I'm going for fame and fortune. ;-) )

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shirlnutkin said...

thanks for the 43things post on love. that is fascinating - the stats and all. love and fortune ... awesome!