Monday, January 24, 2011

Cool things you can do with your self-portrait photo

Here's the self-portrait I took for Assignment #4 of The Love Project. Oh dear. I notice the flash in the mirror behind me. I also think the photo's kind of grainy... Looks like I still have plenty of room for growth as a photographer, but that's OK. I'm posting this less-than-perfect photo anyway so you can see that the point isn't about taking a perfect picture... It's just about taking one you like. If you're not really happy with the results, keep trying until you get a photo you feel good about.
Once you've done that, save the photo somewhere on your computer that you can easily access because there are all kinds of times where it is really useful to have a photo of yourself that you like handy.

1) For Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs and the hundreds of other social media sites out there ask you to upload a photo. Of course, this is usually optional, but studies have shown that the people with photos get noticed! This is true if your looking for a job using LinkedIn, looking for a date on Match.Com, or looking for a friend with a common interest on Meetup.Com

2) For Online Dating Sites

Why is it that so many of the people on online dating sites have terrible primary photos? Seriously, I'm amazed at the number of people that either use a Webcam or are so far away in their photo that you can barely see their face! If you're going to get on the online dating sites then use an up-to-date good picture where you're smiling!

3) Special Effects

There are lots of cool websites that let you do funky things with your photo. You can experment with different colors or make your photo into a cartoon or do other special effects that are cool. I like using Picasa and experimenting. Of course, there are tons of photo editing software packages out there that will let you have some fun. And when you've played around with your photo, many of the packages let you post your altered picture to Facebook.

4) Photo Projects

Photojojo is an awesome site with all kinds of ideas for photo projects. How about making a Daily-Photo Emoticon Magnet? Take a photo of yourself with different expressions for your various "moods" and then you can highlight how you feel each day with a magnetic cutout. This is just one of the many creative projects you might want to make with your photo.

5) Give Yourself A Virtual Makeover

As I mentioned in Week 3's Beauty Website Wednesday lineup, Daily Makeover is a site which will let you upload your image and then experiment with different hairstyles and makeup virtually. This lets you figure out what you want before spending the big bucks on makeup and haircuts.

This week we're focusing on self-portraits, but many of the assignments that I'll be giving for The Love Project will involve photos. So start learning how to use that digital camera (I'm sure most of you already are ahead of me in that department) and start snapping some pictures of the people and places in your life that make you smile.

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shirlnutkin said...

thanks for the nudge! great post. a few tools and things i use - i keep my gorillapod with me for my camera (and will need to see what i can use for my droid phone) when taking timer pictures. i got mine at rei. i finally signed up on gravatar for when i post comments for a consistent photo. and speaking of fun effects and photojojo, my friend got me some cool lenses for my camera phone feature.

and as for #2 - i actually saw a pic on an OkCupid primary pic of a guy with a urinal in the background. (well, at least he was in the right bathroom, eh?! bright side, i guess. ha!!!)