Sunday, January 23, 2011

5 Cool Videos Showing Changes: Daily Self-Portraits

OK, people, my assignment for The Love Project this week is simple. All I'm asking for is ONE self-portrait. One. Not one a day. ONE. If THESE people can take self-portraits in the same place every day, you can take one! Check these out... I especially like the pregnancy one..


rebecca @ altared spaces said...

This is a totally fascinating project. Clearly these people all have contemplated their self portraits for some time. I love the journeys shown. Even just with one face and how it changes from day to day. The journey of a belly, either to bring life or health...those are fabulous.

what an uplifting collection of videos. My self portrait would be uncontemplated and a mere moment captured in time. Would that have the same oomph?

Yvette said...

It may not have the same "oomph" but it would be a heck of a lot easier! This is a big time commitment for people!

Another variation is to do a photo once a year in the same spot with the same pose... Of course, that would take about 20 or 30 years to get interesting, but it shows the aging process...