Thursday, January 06, 2011

Are Affirmations Too Woo-Woo? #love2011

To borrow an expression from my new Blogger-Gal-Pal, girl nutkin in the BA, I've been examining my "woo-woo" quotient.

On her post, yhd for 2011, girl nutkin (aka Shirley Rivera) talks about Sonia Choquette's book, Your Heart's Desire: Instructions for creating the life you really want.

That girl nutkin always fills her posts with SO much information... My goodness! She has quite the active mind and blog!

Shirley says:

I consider this a woo-woo book - a kind of spiritual and law of attraction thing

She also says one of the nine principals stated in the book is:

send clear messages to your subconscious mind. repeat them and make sure they are positive (gain the support of your subconscious mind)

Sounds a lot like affirmations, doesn't it?

Shirley, in her own unique style of writing that you just gotta love, talks about mixing the "woo-woo" with the "non-woo-woo" of a "cubeopolis" life. (girl nutkin could write her own dictionary, I think!)

In any case, upon thinking about this, I've decided I'm a very "non-woo-woo" person. I'm logical and analytical... a classic engineer. If something starts to sound a little "woo-woo" to me (astrology or psychics for example) I have a big woo-woo-alarm going off in my head.

Even though I own a copy of "Law of Attaction for Dummies," I raise a skeptical eyebrow at all this talking to the "Universe" and "as long as we believe it will happen," kind of stuff. I know well enough that I can do all the right things, have all the confidence in the world, and still suffer from disappointments. I don't believe that affirmations are all it takes to get what we want in this world. It takes dedication and hard work, and even then, we still may not get what we ask "the universe" for.

But I do believe strongly in three things associated with affirmations:

  1. Positivity

  2. Confidence

  3. Faith

I suppose faith would be considered "woo-woo" but, yes, that's on my list as something that helps us achieve our goals. Whether we're believing in "The Universe," a higher being, or ourselves, I think if we have that faith... in whatever woo-woo is for us... we are more likely to be successful. And there is no doubt in my mind that having a positive attitude and confidence will give us a better chance of succeeding in whatever we set out to do. I think with these three things... positivity, confidence, and faith, you can do just about anything.

So don't pooh-pooh the woo-woo. It's not altogether cuckoo.

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shirlnutkin said...

i'm stealing the adorable poo-poo, woo-woo, cuckoo!!!