Saturday, January 15, 2011

Assignment #3: Get a makeover - #love2011

We are starting Week #3 of The Love Project and the theme of this week is Beauty. Here is your assignment for the week:

Get a makeover! This can be a tiny thing or give yourself a whole new look. Experiment. Try a different hairstyle. Throw away all that old half-used makeup that you never wear and invest in some new! Maybe buy yourself some new clothes or accessories. Then go back to the Week 1 assignment and look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you look! Leave a comment or write a blog post about what you did and how it felt. I'll feature blog posts on Website Wednesday so be sure and tell me about it.

Extra credit: Take a before and after picture.
Note: Photo image was from , a site offering spa services, and vacations!

Beauty, as we all know, is only skin deep. Just because someone is beautiful on the outside, does not mean they are beautiful on the inside. Though the opposite can be true, I truly believe that people who are beautiful on the inside exude a natural beauty that draws people in. Therefore, if we work on beautifying our characters, chances are we're going to heighten our attractiveness-factor much more than if we just invest in makeup and hair-styles.

All that being said, when we feel good about how we look on the outside, we tend to have more confidence, smile more, and feel happier. And that sense of confidence and happiness with ourselves is probably what attracts people -- more than the hair or makeup.

The key here is not to feel like you need to cover up who your natural self is, but to be your best self so that you feel good about the face you present to the world. Even if you are perfectly happy with how attractive you are (which is great!) it's fun to experiment with a new look or to buy yourself something pretty or sexy. Don't think you have to be in a relationship to do this. Do it for yourself!

Is there a part of your body that you're not entirely happy about? What can you do to turn that around and make that more appealing? Do what you need to do so that when you look in the mirror each morning you think to yourself: I am looking GOOD!

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shirlnutkin said...

i'm still playing catch-up, and this will be the week i do so! thanks for the new assignment. keep you posted on my make-up assignments.