Saturday, January 08, 2011

Assignment 2: What are your Love Goals? Looprah Woo advice #love2011

The theme for Week 2 is Goal-Setting. Yes, yes... not very original, but there is SO much great stuff around goal setting and this is the time of year we're all thinking about it... So, the prompt for this week is:

What are you going to do in 2011 to bring more love (see note below) into your life? What goal-setting techniques and resources are you going to use to make that happen?

Note: Things you do to love and accept yourself are a good place to start. Hence the classic: "Lose Weight" is a perfectly acceptable "Love Goal" if you think you'll love yourself more if you weigh less... )

You can take part in this assignment in many ways. You can write about it on a blog and tell me about it. You can use one of the tools I'm going to tell you about this week. Or (my favorite) you can create a video! Here's one I really like from Supreme Mistress Looprah Woo:

Watch for Website Wednesday when I feature blogs and products about goal-setting and New Years resolutions.

Oh! And, of course, a very appropriate "love goal" would be to subscribe to The Love Project 2011 and spread the word!

Cut and Paste the following to your status on Facebook, Twitter, or other sites: Join The Love Project: #love2011

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shirlnutkin said...

well, i'm still auditing the love project, and as you know, it is on the front-ish burner for me ... meanwhile, here is my post about my little on-line dating neurosis-lite and younger guys. (i know ... silly, eh?) AND my commitment to connecting with people, regardless of age.