Saturday, January 22, 2011

Assignment 4: Take a Picture of Someone You Love: You!- #love2011

We are starting Week 4 of The Love Project with a new assignment. Our theme this week is Self-Portraits.

Assignment #4: This week you're going to take a picture of someone you love: yourself! If you've been doing your assignments, you know you're absolutely gorgeous! Get out the camera, learn how to use that self-timer and show your beautiful smile to the world! Know that your smile makes the world a better place. Blog about it or post your picture to Flickr or some other photo site. Send me a link and I'll add it to Website Wednesday.

Extra Credit: Be creative!

Note: If you did last week's assignment feel free to reuse your "after picture."

Want some inspiration? Check out this video:

The True Love Project from Zack Seckler on Vimeo.

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shirlnutkin said...

WOW! i can't believe we are already in week 4 ... double WOW! i can see how i can play catch-up for the past week's with this assignment. i'm on it. thanks for the assignment.