Monday, January 17, 2011

My Blow-dry Job at Tapestry

Even though I happen to be quite happy with my hair and my regular hairstylist (Sunny Sandford of T-Cuts) the other day I was talking to a friend about The Love Project Makeover Assignment and he recommended I try Garrette Terrebonne, a stylist at Tapestry Salon & Day Spa.

Well, I actually was having my photo taken (I'm going to be in The Yellow Scene next month!), so I gave the salon a call to find out if Garrette was available, thinking it was a long shot, but... what the heck? Turns out he had had a cancellation and was open at 3pm!

Garrette agreed that my hair was already in good shape (Yay!) but said he "gave a great blow dry" and that he could make me look like a Victoria Secret model! (No wonder women come from miles around to go to this guy! Not only does he give a good blow dry, he knows we love to hear flattery!)

Garrette was funny and told me how he used to have a client who was a 76-year-old former model. She told the receptionist that she wanted a standing appointment for a "blow job with Garrette." (It's not clear whether the omission of the word "dry" was accidental or purposeful!)

The salon was beautiful and I felt like a pampered queen. The receptionist, Christan Lewis, was cute and perky. She was very interested in my blog and told me she had a blog as well: Life of Lew Who.

I visited her blog this morning and was very touched by the depth in her writing. Since this week the theme of the Love Project is "beauty" I'll pass along an excerpt from her last post:

Today I conversed with over 30 people obsessed with perfecting their outside appearance but lacking the most important thing- RESPECT for others. Today I met a man named Bruce who noticed, out of all the people in the entire restaurant, that we were having a rough day and decided to put a smile on our faces by complimenting the bartenders rather impressive jew-fro. And this very evening, I watched a man lay on his back in the middle of the parking lot cursing at the moon for existing.

And though all of these people have different purposes, definitions and personalities they all have one thing in common- They’re only human.

As Christan alludes to in the first line of that excerpt, beauty means nothing if it's only external. It must come from within.

But, hey. Right now I'm enjoying my Victoria Secret blow dry job! We'll work on the character stuff another week!


shirlnutkin said...

gorgeous! love it! by the way - because of this week's assignment (that i'm still in auditing status), i am making an appt for my friend's "miracle" stylist. i'll do a before and after. (meanwhile, i'm beautifying my home ... little by little - a kind of the love project meets kit's CYCCYL.)

p.s. nothing exciting for word verification ;)

mslewwho said...

Thanks for linking my blog and giving me a little shout out :) It was a pleasure meeting you and I'm looking forward to continue reading more of your blog! See you soon i hope!