Sunday, January 02, 2011

Video Affirmations: "2011 WILL be the Best Year Ever!"

I've been having a lot of fun with Assignment #1 from The Love Project: Create an affirmation video about great things that will happen in 2011.

I know the video quality is bad (another goal of mine is to get a better camera and to become a better photographer!) but I love the people who participated.

First up was Mike, a guy who blogs at Cookbook Diaries of a Single Dad. Looks like his blog name will be changing in 2011, thanks to his exciting news:

Next was Jerry.. a lead guitarist of Blind Child Rockin' Blues Band,

Chris, from 5280 Magic, knows his magic is going to take off in 2011:

Christie knows that the hardships of 2010 needed to happen in order for her to be where she is right now:

Valerie took on the assignment with gusto! A nurse who works with people suffering with addictions, she's grateful for a life free of addiction... (well..almost!)

And finally, young Marissa, charmed us with her positive attitude and confidence!

I absolutely loved the way these people didn't shy away from the camera. They humored me with my assignment, complete with the cheers and give-it-your-all enthusiasm. Their smiles were infectious!

Another thing I noticed (even when I made my own video) is that you don't get the same feeling if you say "I want to do..." or "I'll try and do.." or "I hope to do..." Say "I WILL do it" "2011 WILL be a great year." When you speak strongly and with confidence, everyone feels the positive vibes and you make the world a better place.

I hope these videos motivate some of you out there in cyberspace to make your own YouTube video. Leave me the link in a comment or use the Twitter Tag #love2011 so we can find you. And remember, 2011 WILL be the Best Year Ever!

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rebecca @ altared spaces said...

I loved looking at all the faces of hope for 2011.