Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year!

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I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled "Love Project" posts to bring this Happy New Year greeting to my friends and relatives. Happy New Year!


shirlnutkin said...

thanks for sharing. this was really nice and sweet.

Popo said...

Beautiful pics and thank you for sharing these happy times while giving us a snapshot into your life and family.
I just have to tell you I had to grin at the music selection because I could feel your corporate managerial roots shining through. When hearing this music, I couldn't help but imagine a spokesperson walking on a sidewalk in front of corporate headquarters introducing us to our new job working at _____. Following that would be (the newly famed) Ted Williams' voice explaining corporate policy at _____.
I hope this doesn't sound like a criticsm of your music choice but I just thought the music could also be used in a corporate presentation! Very soothing and it made me feel at ease.