Saturday, February 05, 2011

Assignment 6: Send a Surprise Love Note

This week the theme for the Love Project is Love Notes.

Assignment 6: Send a note of love to someone you care about. You can use email or an eCard or a traditional greeting card or make your own.

Note: This does not have to be a romantic card. It can be to a friend, a parent, a child or even someone you don't know... someone who is sick or in a nursing home. Feel free to write a love note to yourself, reminding yourself of all your beautiful qualities. Be creative and tell me about it in the comments or on a blog post.

Background: Valentine's Day is coming up, so of course, if you want to make this into a Valentine's activity, do this again on the 14th. However, I put this as an assignment for this week because I think it's even more fun to receive an unexpected greeting for no occasion. I remember getting an eCard from a friend once that said "Just because you're wonderful." This was not from a close friend. In fact, other than that eCard (which he sent a couple of years ago) I have barely heard from him. He has a girlfriend and there was absolutely no romantic intent in his words. I don't know what motivated him to send the eCard as I hadn't done anything particularly wonderful that I knew of. He may have heard I was going through a rough time... or maybe not. All I know is that it brought tears to my eyes. It felt so good to have someone think of me out of the blue and tell me I was wonderful. So, whether you use the "L" word or not, this week tell someone they're loved with a surprise greeting.

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shirlnutkin said...

thanks for the assignment. what a great idea! at cubeopolis, we are doing a secret valentine. i am going to incorporate the love project, esp. this assignment, as part of my secret valentine fun!

Aidan Donnelley Rowley @ Ivy League Insecurities said...

The idea of a surprise love note is at once very romantic and old-fashioned. Love it.