Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Website Wednesday: Must See Sites About Love Notes

This week's Love Project Theme is Love Notes and as always, Wednesday is the day to share resources and blogs related to the theme.

At a loss for how to be creative with your love notes? Check out these Websites for inspiration:

Love Project MVP
GirlNutkin in the BA posts about Week 6: Love Notes
(who also turned me on to

Websites and Blogs

AcidCow Love Notes -- Photos with some creative love notes
Txtmania Love Notes -- Share your love, 140 characters at a time!
Romance Love Notes -- A site with poems, love letters, love quotes, and even a love calculator!


LovingYou.Com -- Tips, creative ideas, and samples of love notes of all kinds
1 Million Love Messages -- A blog where readers can share their love with love notes -- A blog filled with a lot of love "stuff."
300 Love Letters - Click on the colored squares to see the love letters one person wrote


Smilebox - I love making these free eCards with music and you can include photos & movies.
JibJab - This let's you put your face in animated characters. Though most are for a price, you can find a few free ones.
CardKarma - Check out all you need is love . a card by bryan
someecards - These are rather untraditional...

And, then, of course, the more traditional eCards:

Have other blogs or sites you'd like to recommend? Let me know and I'll add them to this post and/or to the Love Links page.


shirlnutkin said...

thank you! and ... hugs and heart to you - which you should know that i have received a love note from a friend of mine. i encouraged her to let you know, so stay tuned. she doesn't blog, but i did give her your website. she ALSO sent love notes to friends of hers. i'll give her a nudge to give a shout out to you!

rebecca said...

300 love letters is ... well so incredibly hopeful. I love the idea of finding, searching -desperately at times - for that thread of connection between ourselves and another person. If that is not Love, what is?

kay said...

Perfect time for your book! Valentine's Day! Happy V-Day to you and everyone out there reading this comment!