Thursday, February 10, 2011

Unique or Geek: Love Notes of all Kinds

This week on The Love Project we're talking about Love Notes.

We know about eCards and there are the traditional cards from Hallmark, but what are some creative ways to express your love?

Photojojo came out with some cool ideas today. Check out 5 Fun Ways to Share Your Love with Photos.

In my guest post for Pick The Brain (yet to be published so I can't hyperlink to it yet...) I give some ideas about how to write a unique love note. For example, you can use Scrabble letters to spell out a message and then maybe leave a 'U' out and say something like "All I need is U."

Another idea is cutting out words from newspaper or magazines like a ransom note. Then make the recipient meet you at a certain place where you'll meet them with some kind of surprise.

You can figure out how to write stuff in all kinds of ways... Write a message on a cake or in the clouds or (as pictured) on a park bench.

Another fun idea might be to use all kinds of different methods of communication and send a different message every hour... maybe with a new clue to a riddle.

Being a geek who loves puzzles, one of my favorite love notes was written in code. I finally figured out it was in ASCII (computer machine code) and was able to translate it.

More geeky love notes can be found here.

What was the most unique love note you've ever gotten or given?


Popo said...

These are some great and creative ways to show some love aside from the chest beat- peace sign combo. These can be powerful messages only if handled correctly. Unfortunately, I am still without a suitable mate and so I must choose from these displays wisely when sending messages to friends that I love. As a man, I usually avoid using the words "I love you" with friends in order to keep things "straight" (pun intended) amongst us. Luckily there are plenty of varities to choose from and I should find suitable signs of affection from all of the choices Yvette has so eloquently posted.

Yvette said...

How about chest beating using morse code? That would certainly be a new and creative twist!

Popo, I hope you did the assignment this week and sent someone a surprise note of love. And please don't worry abou the lack of a "suitable mate." All of us singles out here are glad to have you in our camp! You can go ahead and practice that chest-beating thing on us any time!

Aidan Donnelley Rowley @ Ivy League Insecurities said...

Love the creativity here!

shirlnutkin said...

i can't remember the specific love note words as my memory fails me, but i remember it was in a little anagram. part of it was anagram stuff and the other was non-anagram. smitten with the word fun1

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Little did Daisy expect her good to play matchmaker with her very own grandson.

Cherish Hazel said...

yes, there are so many ways to express your feelings towards your love. These can be in form of love notes for her and him. Other ways are gifts, cards and others.