Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Funnies: Funny Love Notes

This week on The Love Project we're talking about Love Notes.

The video is a kind of cute little video of a man struggling for the right words for his love note.

Do you like to use humor in your writing? I know for me, a sense of humor is very important, so I love a little humor mixed in with a "love note." The best way I've found to do this is to remember a time the two of you laughed together and then refer to it in your note... sometimes writing a little poem where only the two of you will "get" the joke is the best kind of humor in a "love note."

For example, I once had a boyfriend who was very proper and told me he never farted in front of his wife (back in the days when he was married.) He actually went into the bathroom to do his farts. Except one day, he had bad gas so he went to a back bedroom. He told me how his wife came sniffing in like a dog and her nose led her to the bed where he'd been sitting. She actually put her nose right on the mattress where he'd been sitting and wanted to know why it stunk!

When my boyfriend told me this story, we were both laughing uncontrollably. In fact, I'm laughing right now as I'm writing about it. It was just so funny. I teased him that I'd know he really loved me when he felt comfortable farting in front of me.

That Valentine's Day I wrote him a poem. I remember one of the stanzas was something like:

I'll know I've really captured your heart
On that special day when I hear your fart

Of course, there was a lot more -- all very funny. At least we were laughing.

Warning: Wine or other alcohol may be a key in finding humor in something that may sound stupid when sober.

Want more ideas? Check out Funny Love Letters for samples and more hints about how to write funny love letters. And if you look over to the menu on the left, you'll find ideas for all kinds of love letters!


rachelfiske said...

before we were officially dating, my now-partner invited me over for dinner. i said yes and then completely forgot (in my defense i was 19 and flighty). anyway, he called to see where i was, i said i was getting on a boat with my ex-boyfriend (true! his friend had a boat for the afternoon and he invited me because he knew i'd been wanting to go sailing) and things deteriorated quickly from there. he ended up giving me a second chance, but not before he made me feel good and awful about how he'd already bought all of these ingredients to cook me this fancy dinner with.

flash forward four years and MANY references to the night i stood him up and i received a 4-page long birthday card/poem. at the end of this epic, a p.s. was scrawled where he wrote: i never had the ingredients for dinner that night.

it was hilarious. and sweet. and the best love note i've ever gotten.

Yvette said...

Great story, Rachel! Thanks for leaving it!

Aidan Donnelley Rowley @ Ivy League Insecurities said...

Humor is so important. In love. In life. Thanks for the smile this morning :)