Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I Love Words and Haley's Challenge

This week on The Love Project we're talking about Love Notes. I could probably make the whole month of February related to "Words of Love"... Love letters, poetry, flirtation, word play. I absolutely love words. And obviously, communication is a key component of any relationship.

Anyway.. I am back in the "game" again... the "dating game" that is. And it IS a game.

I've been frequenting the dating blogs again and came across this 12/12 Dating Challenge on Haley's Halo. Now Haley appears to be a young, Christian single looking for love. If you know me at all, you know I like challenges and games, and this dating game she proposes is very similar to what I did during the year I wrote The Laptop Dancer Diaries. Only rather than 1 date a month, her challenge is 1 date a week for 12 weeks starting the week of February 12!

Being a 50-year-old grandma with a high-schooler still at home, I'd say I deserve some kind of handicap, so I don't feel overly-confident that I'll make it through the 12 weeks, but, hey... at least I'm gonna give it a try.

I actually already have a few dates lined up, so I know I won't totally fail.

The first is with a guy from OKCupid. According to our questions and answers (which there are a ton of on OKCupid), we are not a match at all! But this guy can write! He is funny and mischievous and witty. I am completely smitten with his emails.

I teased him when we first started emailing that he appeared to be the classic "bad boy" and I am the classic "good girl." But the more we emailed the more I began to think he really doesn't seem all that "bad" and I'm not really all that "good." Or could it be the "good" part of me that seeks out someone who will bring out some of my inner-Devil? Could that be why opposites attract?

It may be a big mistake to go out with someone who is clearly not a match based on the "personality tests." But isn't one of the biggest indicators of personality how a person communicates? And in that respect, this guy gets a big thumbs up.

Side note: My February Love Project Goal is to get more participation on my blog. I am going to have to figure out Haley's secret because I ask for simple little assignments and hardly get ANY comments and Haley gives this 12-week dating challenge and gets 48 comments (and counting...) I may have to go hit up some of her fan base to come comment on my blog. I noticed there's someone with screen name "Old Guy." Maybe I could have a virtual date with him and count it as one of my 12... I'll have to find out if there's a rule against that...


longlegs said...

50 is NOT old. You deserve an award, though - I'm 29 and the idea of 12 dates in 12 weeks sounds great but improbable since I refuse to ask a man out [unless we're just friends]. ...If he wants to be more than friends, he can man up and say so. I like men who are bold and demanding in that sense. This isn't working so well but I figure it only has to work once.

I'm going to a singles event, and probably speed dating after realizing that everyone else seems to be making an effort to get out there rather than screen, screen, screen online 'applicants'.

p.s. If 50 gets a handicap, can I get one for height?

Yvette said...

Woo Hoo! A comment from someone new! Thank you, longlegs! I guess pilfering from Haley's Halo crowd worked!

First of all... with a screen name like longlegs, you're bound to get the interest of tall guys.. way to go! I do not think you should get a handicap for having long legs! But that reminds me... I perhaps should get even MORE of a handicap for having short ones! (Actually, I realize that being tall is a disadvantage for women since most people prefer to date a man that is taller than them, but still... if I were making up the rules, I would not think it justifies a handicap. ;-) )

Online dating sites and singles events (and of course, confidence and all the standard dating stuff) will probably get us dates... the question is... will they be with the right guys?

I have my first date with Mr. Good-With-Words on Sunday... right on schedule for the 12/12 Game!

Aidan Donnelley Rowley @ Ivy League Insecurities said...

Good for you for getting out there in the dating game again. Best of luck. And I hope you post stories here, so the rest of us can experience this wild world vicariously :)

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