Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day and The Daily Love

Today's the day! Valentine's Day is one of my favorite days of the year because we are celebrating the emotion that is the secret of life and happiness: Love! It would be a great day to join "The Love Project" and to do Assignment 7: Be Kind. The Random Act of Kindness challenge is to Send a Letter of Appreciation to someone. That's a great one! It would be like killing 4 birds with one stone: 1) Love Project (Write a Love Note), 2) Love Project (Be Kind), 3) RAK Challenge, 4) Valentine's Day, but of course the most important thing is you'd be showing your love to someone who's important to you. (If you're at a loss for how to write a good love note, my article in Pick The Brain was published this weekend: Make it Personal - The Best Kind of Valentine.)

Being kind doesn't have to cost money. Just a smile or opening the door for someone is kind. Every email or comment on a blog or Facebook can be kind. Just get in the habit of being kind every day. (Feel free to leave a comment on this blog if you want to check that "Be Kind" baby off your todo list. Or, if you'd rather send me flowers, I'd be up for that, too. I'm always here willing to accept your kindness...)

One of the newsletters I subscribe to is called "The Daily Love," and I really like what the letter said today. Here's an excerpt from the founder of TDL, Mastin Kipp:

Today is a day to celebrate Love. Love of yourself, love for life, for struggles, for everyone in your life, for who is IN your life as well as love for who is OUT of your life. If you're single, today is a great day to celebrate your freedom and embrace even more courage to be more open, more loving and more curious about love.

There are such rich moments that come from being single. Being single gives you the opportunity to get out there and date and discover who you are, what you like, don't' like and what works best for you. Don't let today be another reminder about how you "can't find love" - that's victim speak. Let today be a celebration that you are on your path of discovery. Tonight - take yourself out on a date.

Hope you have a beautiful Valentine's Day full of love. (And remember, I'm here for you, ready to receive any and all love notes or other tokens of affection...)


Bob said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Yvette...
So many times we appear to move serendipitously through life, awaiting the perfect spring storm of romance, friendship, kindness and caring to find us, envelop us, wrap us up like a flower tortilla in a love burrito platter. Many times it happens and when it does we are grateful, relieved, happy and ecstatic all at once. Today is a day to smile about, celebrate and embrace, for couples and singles alike, for Valentine's Day in its simplest form is a reminder of love found and love yet to be found. Happy Valentine's Day.

Yvette said...

What a beautiful comment, Bob. I'm thinking you must be the infamous BS -- my sweet Valentine from yesterday who I shared a "love burrito platter" with. I feel as though I've just been wrapped in a flower tortilla!

Thank you!

shirlnutkin said...

happy valentine's! great post. i'm going to share with many friends. i mentioned the love project (and RAK) during our cubeopolis secret valentine's day event. (and i love TDL!)

shirlnutkin said...

i decided to repurpose a reverb10 for my letter of appreciation for RAK, for the love project, for valentines, AND for a birthday greeting! (and i left an off pitch happy birthday tune on sci-fi guy's voicemail - heehee).

Yvette said...

Way to go, shirlnutkin! Your letters/emails/notes of appreciation and support are just part of who you are. You are truly a loving and kind person! So glad to have you participating in the Love Project so you can show us all how it's done!

Aidan Donnelley Rowley @ Ivy League Insecurities said...

"Being kind doesn't have to cost money."

Thank you for this simple, but very important reminder. Happy belated Valentine's!