Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Website Wednesday: Top Sites about Kindness

It is the Love Project tradition to share Websites and blogs about the theme of the week, and this week that theme is Kindness.

Love Project MVP
girl nutkin in the BA - #love2011: thoughts for week 7

Websites and Pay it Forward Communities
Random Acts of Kindness
One Act of Kindness

Blogs about Kindness
One Million Moments of Kindness
Random Blogs of Kindness
Kindness and Kisses
Embrace Your Spirit of Wonder - Pental Blog

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Kindness Tips from Pick The Brain

Know of other blogs or resources related to love or any related themes? Let me know and I'll add them on Wednesdays and to my Love Link List!


shirlnutkin said...

thanks for the mvp acknowledgment! this week's challenge has been fun AND i like the dating topics you have included. sprinkling in the love project the tidbits about relationships is a nifty idea!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the support!!! I posted a Soulmate Summit blog post and shouted you out!!

Woops I see my link is reversed on your Website Wednesday!! Hope we can fix that link- thanks a bunch!!


Yvette said...

Oh, sorry kindnessandkisses! I'll fix the link right now! Thanks for letting me know and for the shout out!