Thursday, April 01, 2021

My 2 cents: A shot of hope! Getting the second Covid19 vaccine

 I'm very happy and grateful to have gotten the second Pfizer vaccine this afternoon. So far, I feel fine!  We'll see how I feel tomorrow but it's been 7 hours and I don't even have the sore arm.

We are already a quarter into 2021 with the winter months behind us! And now, being vaccinated, and having warmer weather ahead, I'm feeling very excited about the future.

I've been blogging at least once a week, experimenting with SEO and AdSense, hoping to make a little more than 2 cents a month.  Are you ready for the results?

In March I made....

..  wait for it...

2 cents! 

Now I'm up to $99.08.  Only 92 cents more before I get paid my $100..  

I don't really understand this report, but it looks like the report is estimating that I'll make 4 cents next month. Double my earnings! 

So, my experiment for April is going to be to try and write a short blog post every day and see if I can maybe even do better than their estimate. I'm going to shoot for 5 cents in April!

It may be unrealistic, but hey, it's April, I've been vaccinated, and I'm optimistic. Anything's possible!

That's my 2 cents, anyway.

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