Friday, April 09, 2021

Relationships and Becky's new Flamingo Friend

 I was going to blog about "Relationships" today in keeping with my Agile theme.  Agile really stresses the importance of Relationships with the first rule of the Manifesto: "Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools."  Basically, this means: Stop the multi-tasking, put down your devices and start paying attention to people!

I certainly think relationships are the key to success and happiness! Whether it's your customer, your boss, your kids, your spouse, or that customer service rep who's driving you crazy with his irrelevant questions - how we interact and communicate with people is going to make a difference both to us and to them.

Unfortunately, "Relationships" is not a subject they teach in school! And there's a whole lot beyond the basic small-talk to learn!  It's a tough and complicated subject! 

But you know who I think is a Master? My wise friend, Becky Burns! She is such a good listener. I think that's one of the most important skills in fostering strong relationships. 

Becky is so great at relationships that she's moved beyond people and even has animals literally flocking towards her!

She's a volunteer at Sarasota Jungle Gardens and she has a flamingo friend there who was cuddling up with her today! This enamored flamingo was even nibbling her neck! What admiration!

As Becky was rattling off her facts for the patrons, a young boy asked her if she was Jane Goodall! Becky laughed and said she was supremely flattered to be mistaken for the famous conservationist.  (By the way, Becky is a talented conversationalist which is easy to get confused with a conservationist, as I know from experience.)

I wouldn't be surprised if Becky becomes as famous as Dr. Goodall or Dr. Doolittle.  She seems to have mastered the secret to relationships both with people and animals, and one very affectionate flamingo!


Michael said...

Does visit your adopted flamingo?

Do you think your flamingo would canoodle with you?k

Michael said...

Does “Becky” visit your adopted flamingo?

My Carpe Diem Life said...

Hi Michael,
Yes, Becky visits Kazi, but she says this one (not Kazi) is the only one who is getting up close and personal with her.