Monday, August 02, 2021

Happiness Happens: Purplicious Ponderings

This month I was reminded that it was Happiness Happens Month which fits in perfectly with my daily gratitude blogging theme! SOHP Founder, Pamela Gail Johnson suggests noticing our favorite color as a mood booster.

Pamela is doing a whole "Count Your Happy" campaign and says:

The most important part is that you have got to let me know your number and favorite color, please! It makes me happy to see you notice your favorite color. 
You can email me or post your number on social media with the hashtag: #HappinessHappensMonth

Favorite color is easy: Purple! Number? It's hard to count my plethora of purple possessions! There are SO many pretty purple things I wake up to first thing in the morning. My bedroom is decorated in shades of purple and green! But I will make a numbered list of Purple Gratitude here on this morning's blog post.

  1. Purple flowers in photographs that my sister, Michele, texts me regularly. Check out this awesome slideshow she made me for my birthday!

  2. This Purpleologist Website shared with me by my thoughtful friend, Michael Bolé. I'm also so grateful to Michael for making my birthday special with plenty of perfectly purple presents!

  3. Amethysts - my birthstone: I have a beautiful one on my dresser that used to be my brother, Chris's. Chris died in a car accident in 1997, so I love that it's also a memory of him.

  4. Photo frames that house pictures from my daughter's wedding - me wearing a beautiful purple gown, and another with me in a purple-Bizarro amusement ride, laughing with my son, Scotty. And then there are the photos of my 3 kids from over 20 years ago. Such sweet memories of their youth!
  5. The beautiful cross-stitch of this luxuriating lady was made by my mother, along with the quilt that covers my bed, both in shades of greens and purples.

  6. The scene from my bathtub, includes a print I bought from an ALS Never Surrender Art Auction.  When I look at it, I not only feel the serenity from the beautiful colors, but I remember my friend and founder of ALS Never Surrender, Steph Courdin.

  7.  And then there are many other fun purple things I'm noticing..  everything from my purple toilet bowl cleaner to my purple face mask! 
I know the numbering is completely off here, but 26 is my favorite number, since I was born on Feb.26 (Yes, it's all about ME, of course!), so I'm going to go with that!

Yay for purple and for all the precious memories and happy thoughts that fill my head as I take notice of this lovely color this morning.

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Michael said...

Thanks for calling me a thoughtful friend. I needed that today!